Monthly Archives: March 2010

JHU Press Journal Title Goes Open Access

Good news for librarians —the journal portal: Libraries and the Academy has joined the open access movement. Read about the excellent commitment from our own JHU Press here, and look forward to important content for librarians and others. And yes, the … Continue reading

Duke Faculty Join Open Access Movement

On March 18th the faculty at Duke University agreed to make their research articles freely available to the public. Like other agreements at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, Duke faculty will now retain the rights to deposit their articles in their … Continue reading

Firing Needles Across the Ocean

On March 30, two 3.5 TeV (teraelectron volt) energy beams will collide. This will happen at CERN, a research center on the Switzerland/France border. Described by one CERN scientist as “firing needles from opposite sides of the Atlantic and getting … Continue reading

Interactive Census Map

Today I filled out my census form for our household of two people in less than three minutes.  As I put our form in the corner mail box, I wondered how many other people in the United States had filled … Continue reading

McNaughton DVD Collection

In the homestretch of spring semester, you may not have the time for pleasure reading. But Hopkins students can still enjoy a quick escape. In just two hours, you can travel to India in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited; or … Continue reading

yrBLCspace Design Contest Winners Announced

An important feature of the new Brody Learning Commons will be group study space. As part of the continued effort to ensure students are engaged in the planning and design process of this new facility, last semester the Friends of … Continue reading

Ada Lovelace Day

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, an “international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science,” I’d like to offer a tribute to Rachel Carson, who played a major role in the banning of the … Continue reading

Get social (media) with the Friends of the Libraries

Join us in Mason Hall on March 25 at 5:30 for a panel discussion on social media and the ways in which it is being used across Johns Hopkins. You’ll hear from faculty, staff, and a student, each of whom lends … Continue reading

Festival of New French Films

Wednesday, March 24, marks the beginning of the first Tournées Festival of Contemporary French Cinema at Johns Hopkins. The festival, to be held over two weeks on the Homewood campus, is free and open to the public. For complete information, … Continue reading

A new tool for research management

Faculty are invited to attend an open seminar for SciStrata, a new research management solution being developed by Elsevier. The product allows researchers to optimize their ability to achieve excellence by benchmarking research output for themselves or their research group. … Continue reading