Picture This: A Research Guide for Visual Information

Do you need an illustration of an artwork for a class presentation?A diagram of a chemical compound?A photograph of an historical figure?An illustration of a shark’s anatomy?More and more people across many disciplines find that they need visual information for their coursework.But, as many of you know, good images can be hard to track down.

The Eisenhower Library is once again trying to make your academic life a little easier with its new Finding Images Research Guide.In addition to helpful links to digital image databases and reliable Internet image resources across many fields of study, the guide also gives tips on how to use bibliographic databases for image searching and how to cite, save, and present images as part of your scholarly endeavors.So, if image is everything to you, please check out this new guide.

About Donald Juedes

Librarian for Art History, Classics, Film & Media Studies, and Near Eastern Studies

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