Summer Reading, or, How will you spend your summer “vacation”?

Endless stretches of time before us, lazy hazy days and long hours of sunlight. And yet, the perennial question: what should we read this summer? We all have lists of long-neglected classics we intend to read, someday. One summer not too long ago, I read Uncle Tom's Cabin and found it a life-changing experience (the subject perhaps of another blog post).

War and Peace, Ulysses, Crime and Punishment, In Search of Lost Time, The Magic Mountain, Moby Dick: all candidates for a book that must be read. Or maybe something more modern (not to mention a little lighter!)?

What will you choose this summer? Here are a few ideas to help you in your quest:

My own choice? A book I've been meaning to read for years: Robert Musil's A man without qualities.

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