Monthly Archives: March 2008

“Just how useful is that book?”

Have you ever wondered just how useful a book will be to your topic? Microsoft Live Search has recently started offering a new tool that will help you begin to answer that question. Following close on the heels of Google’s … Continue reading

EBSCO Research Databases in Ten Minutes in Montgomery County and DC

We invite you to join us for the second in a series of brief evening drop-in demos and Q & A at the Regional Library Resource Centers in Montgomery County and Washington, DC. We’ll be covering EBSCO research databases (including … Continue reading

Baltimore: A Cartographer’s Delight

Map Display Provides Window to Baltimore’s Past Baltimore’s straight-line boundaries, vertical orientation, and variety of water features are the perfect elements for great graphical presentation. Baltimore: A Cartographer’s Delight features Baltimore city maps from the Sheridan Libraries’ extensive collection of … Continue reading

Publishing? Know your rights.

‘Tis the season for dissertations to come into our Commercial Binding Office at full speed. For those of you who are prepping your projects for publication, we bring you the below message on how to retain your rights when you … Continue reading

Attachments in RefWorks

You’ve been asking for it… the ability to attach documents, images, spreadsheets, and other types of files to references in your RefWorks account. Now you can! Here are the basics: an attachment can not be larger than 5MB an account … Continue reading

For your amusement

A public service message from your local library …

RefWorks in Ten Minutes in Montgomery County and DC

We invite you to join us for brief evening drop-in demos, and Q & A, at the Regional Library Resource Centers. We’ll be covering RefWorks next week. Mark your calendars because EBSCO research databases will follow the next. Hope you … Continue reading

Exhibit and Symposium: Harmony to the Eyes

Harmony to the Eyes: Charting Palladio’s Architecture from Rome to Baltimore March 14-June 17, 2008 The George Peabody Library Exhibition Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm; Sunday, Noon-5pm Opening Reception Wednesday, March 26 6:00pm – Opening Reception 7:00pm – Illustrated Lecture by … Continue reading

JHU announces interest in SCOAP3

The Johns Hopkins University has indicated its interest in participating in SCOAP3 and becomes the first institute on the U.S. East Coast to do so, stretching the SCOAP3 U.S. membership from the Atlantic to the Midwest, from the Mountains to … Continue reading

New Legal Classics in HeinOnline

The collections in our HeinOnline subscription just grew: the newly added HeinOnline Legal Classics Library offers more than 1,200 works from historical legal minds, including John Adams, Joseph Story, and Benjamin Cardozo. The collection includes classic texts as well as … Continue reading