An Archaeology of Knowledge

What do netsukes, skulls, globes, portable pianos and lab equipment have in common? They are soon to be part of an art installation in the Brody Learning Commons designed by noted artist and curator Mark Dion. Building on the theme of the Wunderkammer, or wonder-room, Dion describes his installation as “an archaeology of the material […]

Who’s In Brody? Special Collections!

The Brody Learning Commons will be student-focused space, full of natural light, group study space and a bigger cafe (no more waiting for tables, we hope!). We have, though, carved out some space for two departments that you’ll definitely want to check out when the building opens: Special Collections and Conservation and Preservation. Special Collections has always had […]

The Path to Brody, Part I

A building with the latest technology, designed with users in mind and intended to be the heart of the campus. Makes you think of the Brody Learning Commons, right? Well, actually, it describes the intent behind the MSEL. Looking at the building today, it’s hard to imagine that these were the goals for it, but that is what […]

The Brody Learning Commons: A Quick Primer

If you’ve been here all summer, you’ve no doubt seen (and heard) the construction progress on the Brody Learning Commons. However, if you’re new to Johns Hopkins or just back after spending the summer months away, here some things to keep in mind: The Brody Learning Commons is a new library facility and will connect […]

Not quite the dawn chorus

On Thursday, June 30, workers will be drilling through the concrete deck of the library on M level. Work will begin at 6 am and should be complete by 10 am. The drilling is part of the work being done on the south patio, which is closed for the summer so that workers can add new roofing, […]

A chill in the air?

On Monday, June 13, maintenance will be conducted on hot water pipes in the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. This work will entail the hot water being off for the majority of the day and will result in colder than normal temperatures in many areas throughout the building. The work will not, however, affect hot water delivery […]

Summer construction notes

With the academic year now complete (congratulations to the Class of 2011), construction work will kick into high-gear on the Brody Learning Commons site and inside the Milton S. Eisenhower Library as we prepare both buildings for the Commons’ grand opening in summer 2012. Some of this work will be noisy, but it will be […]

Spring (Semester) has Sprung

Welcome back, strangers! With all that snow outside, you’d hardly know spring semester is already upon us. Warm up in the library, and check out the upgrades we made while you were away. Come one come all! The Reference Office has just been reconfigured to make room for group consultations, so drop by anytime with […]

Crane Comes Into View

In case you haven’t noticed, a large construction crane has appeared between the Milton S. Eisenhower Library and the Merrick Barn on the future site of Brody Learning Commons (BLC). Manufactured in Germany by Terex Peiner, the 140-foot-tall, Peiner SK 405 Tower Crane, operated by Miller Long & Arnold is expected to be on campus for the […]

Pull up a chair

Construction on the Brody Learning Commons is well underway. And while the crews are hard at work outside, we’re asking for your help inside. Chairs have been placed throughout M-Level, and we’d like your feedback (votes and comments) on the different types and styles. Colors and fabrics may not be final, but we want to […]