Getting to Resources Through Google Scholar

It’s late at night. You’re off-campus. You have a paper due tomorrow and you still need sources. You’d like to turn to Google Scholar, but you’ve been frustrated in the past by trying to figure out if you have free access to an article through JHU. There are many who share your pain—of the over 800 LibQual comments […]

Pop Quiz: What is a TEAMSPOT?

1. Where the lacrosse team practices? 2. What an aspiring athlete hopes for? 3. A new way for students to collaborate? If you guessed number 3 – a new way for students to collaborate – you are correct! TeamSpot is a new software product being piloted on the Homewood campus during spring 2011. TeamSpot allows […]

The Latest News

I love, love, love my iPhone 3GS. I also love news. So it won’t be a surprise when I mention that in addition to my Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile RSS apps, I also have several apps for news, including: New York Times [free] NPR News [free] USA Today [free] Fluent News [free] (This posts selected […]

Helpful Apps from the Government

Here’s a great offer: free apps to help you, from the U.S. government. Its website,, now offers free apps for a wide variety of uses. Here are some examples that could help in these “back to school” days: My TSA (Transportation Security Administration) – For those flying back to school, here are frequently asked […]

Scopus by Phone

Scopus is a huge database for searching journal articles, conference papers, book series, and websites, primarily in the sciences, engineering, and medicine. Its best coverage is from 1996+, but there are also vast listings before then, some back to 1823.  Scopus Alerts (Lite) is the app; to use it, your institution must have the (costly) subscription to Scopus, and good news – we […]

QR Codes and the DC Regional Library Resource Centers

What is a QR Code? You have probably already seen a QR code and didn’t realize what it was. A QR Code, short for Quick Response, is a square shaped, two-dimensional bar code that can contain any combination of alphanumeric text or a URL, which can be read by a Smartphone using a QR code […]

Featured app: RedLaser

For those who appreciated our earlier posts on barcode scanning and WorldCat apps, take note of the RedLaser app. Scan a barcode on a book, and RedLaser will use WorldCat data to let you know which nearby libraries have a copy. Remember: if you come across a title Johns Hopkins doesn’t own, Interlibrary Loan can […]

Featured app: Liebert Mobile

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has launched a new application called Liebert Mobile iPhone App, available for download from Apple’s App Store and iTunes. The Liebert app showcases some of the latest news, resources, press releases, and research in the fields of biomedical, biotech, medicine, surgery, and nursing delivered conveniently to your iPhone. This free mobile […]

Physics by Phone

arXiv is the open server for e-prints in physics, math, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics. Do you need to check what’s new every day? Of course you do, and here are the three iPhone apps for using arXiv: arXiv – 3.5 stars, 64 ratings, FREE ArXivReader – 4 stars, 13 ratings, $.99 […]

Featured app: WorldCat for various devices

Those of you who like to cast a wide net with your research are likely familiar with WorldCat, the merged catalog of thousands of libraries that now lists 1.5 billion items. We’re pleased to let you know you can now add Worldcat Mobile to your mobile device, or bookmark to have quick access through […]