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Associate Director for Academic Liaison and librarian for the History of Science and Technology.

Hopkins’ Spring Fair, A History

As Spring Fair gets under way, here’s a look back at the origins of the annual event. The first Spring Fair took place April 21-23, 1972, an entirely student-run festival. From the earliest days, it has been organized and run by the undergraduate … Continue reading

Virtual Shelf Browse Feature in Catalyst

There’s nothing quite like serendipitous discovery. I love going into the stacks to look for one book, and coming back with an armful of others that pique my interest. Don’t have time to head to the library? You can get … Continue reading

Summer on the Chesapeake Bay

Not convinced that Maryland is the Land of Pleasant Living? Then you need to experience summer on the Chesapeake Bay. If you can’t find time to leave the library, we have some recommendations to at least engage your imagination. A good place … Continue reading

Beyond Frankenstein and Dracula: Literary Halloween Costumes

Still casting about for a Halloween costume? How about paying homage to something you read that sent shivers up your spine? A few suggestions: Shakespeare is always a great source. Banquo’s ghost, the weird sisters, Lady Macbeth after the murder, Hamlet’s … Continue reading

Interlibrary Loan Down: Wednesday, July 2

We’re moving Illiad, the software for Interlibrary Loan, from the Welch Medical Library to our home base. So, we need to take the system off-line for one day: Wednesday, July 2. Please bear with us, and submit your requests first … Continue reading

GIS Workshops: Geography is Cooler than You Think It Is

For many of us, our last brush with geography was in middle school when we were asked to color in maps of various regions that we were studying, and we haven’t given it much thought since then. Well, times have … Continue reading

Who Moved My Cheese…er… I Mean Furniture?

Because we never pass by a chance to be green (and we’re finding it easier than Kermit said we would!), we’ve worked with our Office of Sustainability to find two non-profits (Baltimore City Public Schools and Habitat for Humanity) to … Continue reading

Post-Graduation Research Tools

Worried about how to do research after you graduate? While our licensing arrangements mean that we can’t keep access to all of our databases open to you, we do have an alternative! Hopkins KnowledgeNET, the Alumni Online Library. Offered in … Continue reading

BLC Gold

It’s not just Olympians who win gold! Our own Brody Learning Commons has just received LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. What does this mean? It means that the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC) recognizes that we’ve incorporated … Continue reading

The Year of Three Popes

The last time a pope resigned was in 1415, almost 600 years ago when Gregory XII stepped down. Papal resignations are rare – almost as rare is a Year of Three Popes. My freshman year at JHU, 1978, was the … Continue reading