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McNaughton DVD Collection

In the homestretch of spring semester, you may not have the time for pleasure reading. But Hopkins students can still enjoy a quick escape. In just two hours, you can travel to India in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited; or … Continue reading

To Read, or What to Read

What is it about summer and reading? The 2 words seem to go together everywhere you look. I guess the assumption is that people have scads of free time in the summer, although this is certainly not true of library … Continue reading

Sick of Studying, Need a Movie?

If I NEVER see another midterm again, it will be TOO SOON. I’m tired of Netflix and I’m IN the library — what movies do *they* have? Lots – over 11,000. On the advanced search screen, don’t do anything except … Continue reading

ABC’s of the Library

Welcome, or welcome back! You’ve survived move-in, pinned up your inspirational posters and tucked in your extra-long twin sheets. But now what? Well, a good place to start is the library. Since there’s no student center on campus, we’ve informally … Continue reading

Where is your Fiction Section?

We hear this question a lot at the Information Desk. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer, right? Well, the simple answer to this one is basically – we don’t have one. Or rather, we don’t have ONE. In … Continue reading

Red Sorghum: a Novel of China by Mo Yan

Finally, school is over. As you prepare for your dream vacation, why not pick up a book or a film from the library? Our McNaughton Collection, located at the entrance of M Level of MSE Library, features the latest popular … Continue reading


Summer is magic. Now is the time for books, music, and movies that are magical. Book At this moment, on the McNaughton shelf on M Level, find the stunning novel about The Night Circus, which “Opens at Nightfall, Closes at Dawn.” … Continue reading

Hopkins Blogs — Getting the Word Out

The amazing ecosystem that is Johns Hopkins University has countless ways to tell the world about what’s happening here. There are JHU Facebook pages, JHU twitterers, JHU newspapers, and of course, JHU websites. There are also marvelous blogs. I know … Continue reading

The Library’s Top-Circulated Material in 2011

In the spirit of the year-in-review post, we decided to spill your secrets. Behold: the top checked-out books and DVDs from the McNaughton Collection over the previous year. Surprised by any of the contenders below? Top McNaughton Books 1. The Girl … Continue reading

Unleash Your Inner Author

If you need a reason to start and finish that great unwritten novel, look no further: National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us.  Between November 1 and 11:59:59 on November 30, all you have to do is release 50,000 … Continue reading