Osler Medical Symposium

Tuesday, April 3, 6:00 p.m., Gilman Hall 50
-- The Role of Economics, Equity, and Entrepreneurship in Health and Medicine with Paul Rothman, CEO and Dean of Hopkins Medicine

Tuesday, April 17, 6:30 p.m., Gilman Hall 50
--  Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Research of Health and Medicine with Arturo Casadevall, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

 Paul Rothman, CEO and Dean of Hopkins Medicine

Paul Rothman, CEO and Dean of Hopkins Medicine

In 1999, the student-run Voyage and Discovery series included talks by Kay Redfield Jamison (psychiatry; author of An Unquiet Mind), Michael Ain (orthopedic surgeon; featured on Hopkins 24/7), and the immortal Victor McKusick (the "father of medical genetics"), among many others. The V&D series focused on the doctors' personal stories -- why did they decide to enter medicine? What do they love (or hate) about it? How do they stay involved and retain their humanity every single day?

 Arturo Casadevall, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Arturo Casadevall, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Although health-related symposium series at Johns Hopkins are not new, they are always important -- the world of medicine evolves unbelievably quickly, and constant exposure to what's going on is crucial.

The Osler Medical Symposium (OMS) is the newest exciting addition to this tradition. (Another important development is the Hippocrates Medical Review -- read more background here and here).

Congratulations to the students who conceived of and then made this speaker series and journal happen. And thank you, from healthcare practitioners as well as those who depend on them.

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