Why Not Read About Summer?

The academic year is over, the Memorial Day picnic leftovers are in the fridge, and you're starting to plan your summer activities. If you're like me, one of the most important summer activities is summer reading! Trashy novels, breezy beach reads, it's all waiting for you. Well, why not read about summer?

A subject search for 'summer fiction' in Catalyst yields a few books, but we find more with the subject term summer resorts fiction. There may be other books about summer that don't have the word 'summer' in the subject. A search for 'summertime' in the title gives us novels, short stories, poetry, and a few titles about staying safe in the summer. (I didn't narrow the search to just fiction.)

Play around with other words that remind you of summer. I also tried the following subject searches:

I'm always surprised at what I can find in Catalyst, our library catalog.

Enjoy your summer reading!


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Robin is the Scholarly Communications Specialist at Sheridan Libraries, JHU. Metrics, academic publishing, discovery, repositories, and Open Science interest her.

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