Clueless about Chemistry? Me, too…

Doing research in Chemistry and have no idea where to begin? Please, come to the library’s Information Desk and ask to speak with the librarian on duty! But, here’s a secret: you can get a head-start by trying the sources on the Chemistry Research Guide. Just between you and me, it’s what I (a humanities librarian) use to answer Chem questions!

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes the databases on these guides are just plain tricky to use – and librarians can help you use them most efficiently. But, give it a go on your own first and see what you discover. You’ll likely get a good start.

What type of info might you need?

If you need to identify articles on a subject - use the Online Resources part of the guide.

If you need to know the properties of a particular chemical compound – check out Chemical Properties.

If you have a Chem Lab assignment – chances are, the answer lies in one of these sources.

So, when you’re in a research jam and don’t have time to meet with a librarian, explore the wonders of our research guides, for Chemistry or any field of study!

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